We Evaluate the New Market Opportunities
Applied Research for Product Potential and Scalability

Do you already have a product and it is not earning any profit for you? 0xblock team knows how to deploy effective strategies for your product improvement, fetch the target audience to generate more leads. We have experienced applied research experts. We will conduct a thorough investigation of a certain aspect of your product as per the customer requirements, and work on the loopholes to achieve the desired goals.

Even if you want to create a new product and want to get detailed technology and business analysis to fetch business benefits from it, the 0xblock team is always at your service. We aim at finding and defining the market need of your projected product, its potential value for the target audience, the necessary time and resources required for its successful implementation, and the ability to scale it.

Product Research & Development
0xblock Specialization

Our basic research begins much before starting actual product development to create a solid strategic plan for the successful launch of your business product or service in the market. Our process works in the following steps:

Step 1: Detailed Target Market Analysis

Step 2: Identifying Customers’ Needs

Step 3: Competitors Analysis

Step 4: Allot Required Time and Resources

Step 5: Implement Advanced Development Technology

Step 6: Prototypes Design and Testing

Step 7: Maintenance

Step 8: Deploying Effective Marketing Strategies

Step 9: Customer Development and Generate Leads

Step 10: Customer Support

0xblock Specialization

Most of the R&D companies are paper-oriented however, we at 0xblock, emphasize advanced software implementation based on tested results. We consider our R&D services as a milestone to achieve the goal of delivering world-class products to our clients. Our product research and development process takes place in well-equipped research centers and technology labs where our technical engineers identify the most appropriate technology, tools, and methodologies to develop the desired products for our customers. Our team is also skilled in developing re-usable frameworks and components that could be used in the future to resolve the service issues of the niche. The x-factor of our specialists is that they always focus on updating themselves with new technologies from leading vendors and their technological up-gradation contribute extraordinarily to our R&D services.

Our R&D Services Comprise of

Product Research and Development
Handset Software

Handset Software

We also offer software product development for equipment like Smartphones, PDAs, Bluetooth speakers, MP3 players needs intelligent software for their proper functioning. Because of their size and low power availability, creating software for such devices is a challenging task and 0xblock accepts this challenge.

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